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Interior Design

Brick Club House


The Clubhouse is designed with the Indian traditional concept ‘Devrai’ of retaining trees around 100m radius of religious space allows ecological conservation. This narrow plot of 12m width and 64m length drove us to create a brick structure that evolves from ground to subdue its existence on site. The roof garden shelters a layer of spaces merging through parallel walls with brick arches along courtyards and water bodies merging with thick plantation creating a habitat for the users. 

Project Fact File


Fact file Project name : wai house

Period : 2008 to 2010

Location : wai, dist. Satara, Maharastra

Client name : dr kedar vanarse

Site area : 1850 sq.ft.

Floor area : 2500 sq.ft.

Structure : composite brick wall Construction, G+1

Architect : PMA madhushala

Design team : prasanna morey, avinash anklikar,

General : mr marathe and shinde

Contractor Cost : 3 million

Photo : hemant patil


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