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Client had small 500 SQ. FT.  L- Shaped space on ground floor in apartment building of congested market area of Wai. 

The site being it the ground floor in the congested town area, provision of light and ventilation was a major challenge along with their list of requirements which were two cabins and two toilets, large waiting space, storage for medicine and reception with examination space. 

But our main design concern was to create an engaging environment through Positive distraction for child impatient because of health and to reduce the often-clinical feeling and fear, and feel comfortable after their long hectic journey from their nearby villages.


.The Lego wall, a full height semi open partition designed with stacking of 7î cubes. Lego Screen have several openings allowing colour full light and wind to penetrate into waiting area. We have aimed to develop a space that is playful which engages the child away from sickness promoting healing. Further the screen is made interactive by providing various games at different locations creating Positive distraction to reduce stress, anxiety and discomfort of children to some extent , they can sit, climb and play.

Project Fact File


Period : 2017 

Location : wai, dist. Satara, Maharastra

Client name : dr kedar vanarse

Floor area : 600 sq.ft.

Material : Pine Wood. IPS Flooring,Cement sheet

Design team : Prasanna morey, Divya Jyoti , Sanjay Verma

Contractor Cost : 9 lakh

Photo : hemant patil

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