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Surrounded by high-rise building from three sides, low rise development would have struggled for light and ventilation. Further the odd shaped site would not allow the horizontal spanning of building, so zephyr happened to be 11 storied high rise building.  The building is divided into north and south block to achieve light, ventilation and view from all sides connected with service core at the centre. South block is further tilted to catch and create south- west wind pressure. The open terrace of each unit maintains the cross ventilation and connectivity with other units of the block. Each unit has toilet ducts and dry balcony on east- west façade to provide thermal barrier and windows on north –south for ventilation to primary habitable spaces.
The two blocks have perforated concrete screen that protects from sun, rain and traffic noise and gives a homogeneous appearance to the building.
The staggered angular windows of each unit open in the direction for south wind maintaining privacy from the opposite unit. Each bedroom has ribbon window providing panoramic view with low lintel for optimum light without glare. The perforation varies with respect to the space and its usability with privacy, maintaining thermal comfort to the users.
To attain Design flexibilities, closely space Grid of 200mm used as the module for entire construction. RCC Framed structure with beamless filler slab has been used that creates free-flowing spaces. A cavity concrete block of size 400x200x150mm, locally made on site becomes the filler which allows a beam less soffit and to incorporate concealed light fixtures. Thermal insulation, weight reduction, and the most important appropriate design contribute to cost efficiency and high quality structure in county like India.

All internal walls are constructed in Ferro-cement of 50mm thickness to get maximum space and easy execution.

Project Fact File

Year : 2017

Built area : 3600 sq.m

construction : Framed structure Concrete Block wall, Filler Slab 

Principal Architect  : Prasanna Morey,

Design Team: Prasanna, Divya Jyoti, Darshan Phalak

Builder : Akash Mehta

Structural Designer : Suhash Joshi
Photographer : Hemant Patil


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