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Story of madhushala 

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After formal graduation without anticipating any assured rewards started learning under Pune-based architect Girish Doshi, through observing his fearlessness and devotion for twelve years that marked my gurukul learning in architecture like a Vrhaspati Yuga.

In 2010, founded madhushala that suffused with this inherited stance of impermanence into open-ended practice. Studio Madhushala Below the surface of our senses, free from influence and effort, is a world of absolute beauty.

Here lies a vast ocean of memories and subliminal images, calm and clear.

Diving even deeper we find our Self, the source of originality and pure imagination, and from this experience an idea is born. Emerging refreshed

and inspired, we channel our energy to give expression to this vision. In doing so, we often attract people with a similar vision and a collaborative space is created.

This expanse is madhushala: an opportunity to dream and play, to discover and explore, to build and break, to share with and be inspired by each other. Initiated by Prasanna Morey, we are a collective of hearts, minds and hands brought together by a shared love of Architecture.

Our objective is to breathe life into her, nurture her to respond appropriately to traditional and natural environment, and ensure that she provides a respectable livelihood to those who give her form.





IIID National Award, 2008, Category -Green Interior Design-DEKATE HOUSE

27th JK AYA 2018, Category- Green Architecture - KONDAN THE  RETREAT 

ALL India Stone Architectural Award 2018 - Interior Design - PAREES

IID Regional Winner and National Jury's Commendation  2018- Interior Design - Shishuban

Long Listed in Dezeen Award 2019 - KONDAN THE  RETREAT



The Light House, Phaltan, Indian Architecture and Builder, May2008.

Dekate House, Pune, World Architecture, 2010

Kondan Retreat, Pune, Journal of IIA, April 2018

Window & Façade Magazine August 2018


Project & Media Inquiries

Jobs & Internship


PMA Madhushala, Plot 8, Indira Society, S.B.Road, Pune




Prasanna Morey - founder
Divya Jyoti - Partner
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