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Wai Brick House


There’s always a place where one could relate to himself and which provides you peace and happiness, Town Wai is that place for me,… Wai is known for its well planned and crafted ghats on the banks of River Krishnā. And temples, traditional bricks houses (wadas), nostalgic streetscape with interesting façades, seats, stairs, entrances , and food joints like bandu gore upahargruh, khamkar sweets, joshi missal, pyasa icecream and manymore…. Dr Vanarase came with his small plot (37’ x 50’) for his essential house and I was excited because it was in wai. The design begins with local traditional principles, and demanded brick and wood as suitable material for construction. And time reinterpreted the various factors and elements of design. Those two year of constructions are the most beautiful part of my life. 

Project Fact File


Period : 2008 to 2010

Location : wai, dist. Satara, Maharastra

Client name : dr kedar vanarse

Site area : 1850 sq.ft.

Structure : Load bearing brick wall Construction, G+1

Design team : Prasanna morey, Avinash anklikar,

General : mr marathe and shinde

Contractor Cost : 3 million

Photo : Hemant patil

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